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When you Love SOMEONE!

I was reflecting on a very dear relationship to me, from the past. I love my beloved and I lost them, because I had to grow, and perfected my divine gifts, so I decided that as much as I loved them, that the work, my divine work always came first. As I ponder this revelation, I wouldn’t be who I AM, If I didn’t take this ACTION, Who would I be? Well, Not the Divine Goddess That I AM today. People make choice each, and everyday, some that are destructive, some for odd reasons, but reasons never the less. I missed, my beloved for 30 years, my heart ached for him, some nights I would just cry, and I even committed to someone whom I knew that I wouldn’t be happy with, not because I couldn’t be ALONE, but because I thought that my story, that story was finished. Well, I couldn’t stop thinking about my beloved, the desire to just have one more moment with them. As they provided the very thing that I needed, INTIMACY! Well, yesterday I saw them in my dreams, and I was so overjoyed, happy, and like a child on Christmas day, getting a toy! I thank the Creative Source for allowing me to hug, and just hold my beloved hands! It was so uplifting! And I remembered that LOVE NEVER dies, not even when the person is out of sight, it brought me back to the very moment that I met them, their smell, the laughter, their smile, and the love that I felt growing inside of me for them. I NEVER loss hope, that one day, I would see them again! Over the years, I continued to LOVE them, and that LOVE grew, and expanded, and kept me going, as it was so precious to me. My heart belonged to this AWESOME person, whom I loved so much, and always kept in my heart, Love NEVER goes away, just grows, and grows! I hope that we are ALL blessed with this kind of LOVE, as it is eternal to me! It reminds me that the CREATOR loved me enough to CREATE someone just for me, and in just that instances I was blessed to have experienced the most purest FORM of him! May you appreciate what you have, and treat it as if it was the MOST IMPORTANT MOMENT of your life! Time waits for NO ONE! Remember Love, EMBRACE it, and be grateful for it’s impact on your life! Speak life into it, and nurture it with all of your HEART! Goddess Blessings!