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” Whatever your story will be, Make it a great one”

Sometimes it’s great to reflect on the past, not stay there! Just visit, to re-evaluate past decisions, and sometimes to gain a better UNDERSTANDING of your journey, or just think about a kind memory of a Special being that crossed your path, or a family memory of a trip where all your love ones were together. It could be a childhood experience that brought you JOY? What brings you JOY? Can you personally remember a MOMENT, that took your breathe AWAY? There are many , if you just notice them. I seek to understand, my journey, and assist others with their journey, along with the guidance of the Divine, ” God Source Energy” I believe that we need to develop an understanding of ourselves, and others, as we are all connected. No matter our appearance, color, superficial tendencies, Everyone has a UNIQUE story, and all of them aren’t the same, could you imagine, if they were, wouldn’t it be real boring! My approach is very different from your’s even my Spiritual Family, but there is POWER in numbers, if you can work with OTHERS. But the premise is to CREATE your own story, as you are the AUTHOR, along with the Divine, for your highest GOOD! All you are asked to Do is embrace your TRUE SELF, and from time to time explore off the beaten path, to learn! I always want to be more, learn MORE, become MORE! What do you see as your story? How can you embrace it? Ask yourself, what do you want out of life? Just think, and Create it, it all starts with a THOUGHT! Be thankful for your life, EVERY Experience, every failure, EVERY success, and remember to thank the Creator for EVERYTHING! You wake up everyday, Thank them for that, Yes, I said, That there is a MOTHER too! Just Believe, and know that you are WORTHY, VALUED, and live with Divine purpose!


Rev. Dr. Goddess Yvette Whorton