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Using the Qi Gong healing sound of the LUNG to improve your Health!

I have practiced Qi Gong for many years, and I teach this AWESOME practice to my students. Start by taking some deep BREATHES, and Please focus your awareness on the LUNGS, as you have two, and SMILE to your LUNGS, and allow them to SMILE back at you, and BREATHE, and see a WHITE light, covering both LUNGS, and filling them with Righteousness, surrender, letting go, and emptiness, and releasing ANY SADNESS, GRIEF, and SORROW, see them floating a way, Also visualize your Chest, inner arms, thumbs, nose, smell, and mucus, skin, touch being healed. Practice this daily, along with the healing sound for your LUNGS, SSSSSSSSSSSSS, like a tire, releasing air. Please do this exercise each night, and during the day. Be well, and practice makes PERFECT! You can contact me, for further assistance. And please take care of your health, and surround yourself with positive thoughts! Be well !

Rev. Dr. Goddess Yvette Whorton