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Unspeakable Faith

You can live with awareness and recover a wonderful power that humans gave up long ago, Faith. Faith is a force that comes from our integrity. It is the expression of what we really are. Faith is the power of our creation because we use faith to create our life story and to transform our life story. Different traditions have called this power by different names. When we talk about Faith or intent, we are also talking about the power of the word. The word is pure MAGIC! It is a power that comes directly from God, and Faith is the force that directs this power. We can say that everything in our virtual reality is created with the word, because we use the word for the creation of our story. Humans have the most wonderful Imagination. Beginning with the word, we form a language. With language, we try to make sense out of everything we experience. It is amazing what the word can do. The word creates images of objects in our mind. The word creates complex concepts, the word evokes feelings. The word creates every belief that we store in our mind. The structure of our language shapes how we perceive our entire virtual reality. Faith is so important because it is the force that gives life to every word, to every concept that we store in our mind. We can say that life manifests through Faith, and that faith is a messenger of life. Life goes through our faith, and then our faith gives life to everything we agree to believe in. Faith is the force that holds all of these symbols together and gives sense and direction to the entire dream. If you can imagine that every belief, every concept, every opinion is like a brick, then our faith is the mortar that holds the bricks together.