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“Truth is the TRUTH all day long, even when your EGO tells you DIFFERENT”!

It has been my experience lately that people, some spiritual, some not, want to GASLIGHT others, when dealing with them, this is a misrepresentation of the Divine, and I’m not judging people, as I believe that we all have a journey to make. But when we aren’t TRUTHFUL with others, we mis-characterize, a situation, and separate ourselves from the Divine, and the TRUTH. I have had the pleasure of teaching over 4, 000 Black men over 12 years, and have seen, and been taught by some extraordinary Mentors, and not one has ever asked me to not share information with them, or others to conceal a deceptive act. I am troubled when someone does something that is dishonest, or as my daughter says, ” They are perpetrating”. What example are we setting for the next teacher, or MENTOR that they may encounter. Are acting in the best interest of the individual? That we are suppose to be helping. I pride myself on telling the TRUTH, as I was taught that, “What you do in the dark will surely come to LIGHT” the TRUTH always, always, always shines though. Why? Just Why? Do folks think that the DIVINE doesn’t see ALL, even when we refuse to see the TRUTH, in ourselves or others. Why do we not VALUE ourselves? and OUR TRUTH? Why isn’t that enough? I never felt in my life that I would ever see, People repeat behaviors that haven’t served them. It’s a sad day, when you can’t TRUST people who are suppose to help you to heal. I have never had ANY of my clients over the past 25 years, or more, or students for that matter, tell me anything about another Mentor/Teacher that was disturbing in their behavior, Maybe I have been LUCKY, as every lesson isn’t mine to have, maybe it was on behalf of my student’s growth, and to increase awareness. We are to HONOR, and uplift, and teach, and respect the growth of our students, as MOST individuals whom provide Spiritual assistance to others, have had a challenging journey themselves in most cases, not all. It is a blessing to be able to uplift, and create a place of PEACE in the people that come to me. I want to help them sow a SEED of light, and LOVE, COMPASSION, and GRACE within, and move forward, not damage them. I tell my students to protect themselves, and TRUST themselves FIRST! I personally tell my students, and family to ask the DIVINE for guidance, and pray for a MENTOR, or next Teacher! If someone claims to be who they are their WORK will speak for it’s SELF! As action is the DIVINE, and the works is the proof! Stay focused, and STAND in your TRUTH, always! And always TRUST that you are ENOUGH, just as you are!

Rev. Dr. Goddess Yvette Whorton