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True Freedom

As we all look back on our journey, what will be your choice, Freedom or enslavement of your authentic Self. When we aren’t TRUE to ourselves, we are disingenuous to our Divine Self, and the Creator. I don’t know about you, but I no longer want to be a slave to the things, that have caused me pain, discomfort, or made me feel LESS than, what the Divine created me to be. I want to be FREE, to be myself, to explore the world with childlike wander again. I remember feeling so FREE as a child, playing all day long, and creating so much Love, and joy with my starry eyed friends, not having a care in the world, total bliss!!! I want to feel all the feeling of that child, before others told me, that I was less than, prior to being raped, mistreated, and abandoning myself. In my Ohio players voice, I want to be FREE!!! I want to live a life of TRUTH, integrity, peace, and feeling FEARLESS, and courageous, as I did in my mini me form. Just the person, whom loved walking around bare foot, and my mommy beating my ass, for walking around without shoes on my feet. I remember being Fearless, and tom boy like, thinking that I could be anything in the world, and still be FREE. I think back on the journey, without regrets, as I learned so much. I learned how to Love, and what sacrifice felt like, when I had my children, how it felt to be responsible for another’s life. I felt just what my mother felt, under appreciated sometimes, that the days were long, and I worked so hard, and sometimes didn’t meet my goals for myself. But the Divine, my spirit guides, Earth Angels, were there to shine a light for me, uplift me, guide me, and comfort me, even when I made poor choices in my life. My grandmother use to say, That everyday is an opportunity, a gift, to grow, learn, change, and all I needed to do, was have faith. And prayer would be my salvation, and sometimes my Only friend, and knowledge of myself would Free me, from the past. Well, I listened sometimes, and sometimes I bought hard lessons for myself, just because I refused to listen to my intuition, or TRUST that things could change for me. I bare my soul, each and everyday with my students, and friends, as I’m an open book, as we all are here to support, uplift, and bare witness to life, in all of it’s forms. To be of help, and assistance for those that struggle, with some of the things that we have been able to master, to support their healing journey, to become Free from what has enslaved us in our mind. That’s true Freedom!!! Embrace the experiences that have shaped your personal development, and that have helped you FREE yourself, from inner slavery, like Bob Marley said, None but us can Free Our Minds!!! And continued success, and divine blessings, always!!! Namaste!!!



Rev. Dr. Goddess Yvette Whorton