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To have someone ” REALLY SEE YOU”!

In Any relationship that you are involved in you really want, that person to see you, really see You, for whom you are, your TRUE Self, and love you right where you are , and pray that they are in their TRUTH! Some people are blessed early on with their beloved, and can SEE YOU, and love you in EVERYTHING that you do, and everything that you are, just LOVE YOU! But you have to notice the blessing, and show gratitude and extend the BLESSINGS forward, My Spiritual Sisters SEE Me, do yours? Are there people around you whom make you excited about “this journey called LIFE”, Do they want the BEST for you, and Celebrate YOU? Uplift YOU? Love you No matter What? If not, You got the wrong Beings around you, ask yourself these questions, Do those around me bring Me, JOY? It’s just that SIMPLE! If you can’t really SEE yourself, how can they SEE you? We Settle for people, that do not really SEE Us, and in lies the ISSUE! How can you support, uplift, and show COMPASSION to someone, When you do not KNOW your SELF, or TRUST yourself ? I often wander why we do not TRUST ourselves? The writing can be plain on the wall, and we DO NOT see what’s in front of US, and we DO not trust OURSELVES! The first duty is developing SELF-TRUST, and believing that we are WORTHY, and deserving of GREAT THINGS, MORE! Blessings come to US in friendships, relationships, if we first see OURSELVES, as WHOLE, and PERFECT, and COMPLETE, and we draw that out in others. I love the Extraordinary Beings in my life, because they bring, and share Life with me, and I them. You can ONLY create something for yourself, though SIGHT, not seeing with your eyes, but your HEART and SOUL, as anything that occurs, happens SPIRITUALLY First! Actually, look into another’s EYES, so that you really SEE them, and SEE what you discover about yourself! Love each other like you would the CREATOR, and look beyond your UNDERSTANDING, and TRUST the divine in you! Place a mirror in front of you, and really look into your SOUL, and Ask yourself “what do I see”? Embrace, and TRUST YOURSELF, it’s your story, make it what you want, it to be! And honor your TRUTH! and TRUST IT!