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This “Transpicuous” Life!

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been reflecting on the environment, People, behaviors, and HOKUM, i.e. Foolishness. I have come to accept that people are MOST times uninformed about life in general, but often times themselves. Some People just do not have a clue, how to treat others, or behave in Public spaces. What happened to RESPECT?, Yes, as Mrs. Franklin said, Just a little RESPECT! We are going through a deep house cleaning now, and re-birthing, so we need to change the way that we communicate with each other, and stop with the “HOKUM” ! We need to be honest with ourselves about who we are individually, and collectively? The divine has informed me to be MORE open with my TRUTH, and that requires that I get some of the people in my circle TOLD about their behaviors, and anyone that knows me, it’s hard sometimes as I’m a peaceful person, now at least, as if I hadn’t evolved it would be a HOT MESS, trust me, and I do not entertain DRAMA, It’s ridiculous to me, and serves as a distraction, and energy waste, Draining….point blank. Well, I have been encountering individuals whom want me to SLAY them, some just attempting to try me, or anyone whom doesn’t AGREE with their FOOLISHNESS! Why can’t we all just get along? Well, Ignorant, Dumb A** folks will not allow the rest of us to have PEACE, because they DO NOT HAVE it within. Peace is ours, your’s and mine anytime we want it, and the negative always wants attention. Our Agent Orange President, and I use the word loosely, can’t direct his own thoughts let alone, provide PEACE, and stability for US, so we need to be responsible for ourselves and our love ones. There is nothing WRONG with chin checking someone whom over steps a boundary, they need to be informed, that it will not be tolerated, let’s be REAL Clear! What happened to being TRANSPARENT? Well, that was just a dream, too because as long as we have individuals that are greedy, self serving, dishonest, and AMORAL in the white house, and in our lives, we need to act accordingly, because they won’t, because they see kindness as a weakness, and we need to correct that SUCKER! Transpicuous is FUGACIOUS, meaning tending to disappear, fleeting, because we refuse to be honest, and NOT stand in our TRUTH, good luck with that??? I have been re-evaluating my friendships, and if you do not bring me laughter, joy, and real friendship, we will be saying GOODBYE! As I stated many times, life is about a continuous greeting, of HELLO, and GOODBYE! So choose wisely! Saying Goodbye is so liberating, it’s self care!

Rev. Dr. Goddess Yvette Whorton