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No matter, what your circumstances are thinking is very important in EXPANSION of mind. We have to continue to feed our minds with POSITIVE affirmations, and Loving thoughts about ourselves and others, and peaceful experiences, and not surrender to the negative energy that is all around us daily. Go within, and be still, and breathe, truly breathe in COURAGE, and reassure yourself, that whatever is happening will pass sooner than you think! Believe in your Creative SOURCE to guide you to better understanding of the situation, and people involved and seek to understand why this situation has presented itself to you. We are all LEARNING, and DEVELOPING, EXPANDING, so it’s never personal, just BELIEVE that your higher POWER, only wants the best for you, and this maybe the best way for you to EXPAND, and GROW, and obtain your dreams, So just trust! It’s like being Blind, but still being able to see, through the CREATOR’S eye’s! It’s all about TRUSTING the Divine , and SELF! And NO negative thoughts, No Negative Conversation with Self! And keep re-affirming That you are worthy of all the LOVE that the SOURCE has available to You! And ACCEPT the LOVE!