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The Verisimilitude of Fear

In our lives most of US will become aware of our Verisimilitude of fear, processing with the observant, third EYE chakra, and not the center of awareness the Heart Chakra center. The word Verisimilitude is Latin in origin, used in the 16TH century, and it means to appear of TRUTH or resembling reality, something that ONLY appears to be true. How many times have you found yourself to be incorrect when you assume something about a situation and been completely wrong? Fear will have you deceived, and most times thinking, and preparing for the WORST case scenario. When we practice and commit to daily practice of meditation, we can truly see the divine in ALL experiences, as an expression of the DIVINE. We will not experience “Verisimilitude”, and we won’t continue to view appearances as the ” Truth”. But truly tap into our heart chakra and become aware of Self, to clearly see ourselves and speak that ” TRUTH” , our personal TRUTH, with integrity and honor the Creator, and ourselves. We will no longer rest in “FEAR”, we will Accept who we are and why we were created. Now is the time, and That is the true REALITY! Get to know your TRUE SELF with patience. And be kind to yourself, and study YOU!