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” The Process of Saying Goodbye, and Hello”

During our journey of life, we are always saying “Hello”, and “Goodbye”. We experience great challenges, and great victories during this thing that we refer to as life, we are learning, how to be, more than we realized we were, and saying ”Goodbye”, is a part of the process. I recently discovered that it’s all about respecting the cycles in our lives. We meet, and share, and then MOVE forward, along our journey to our next steps, and sometimes this requires, just standing still, and connecting with the Divine essence, for farther directions. I know that we are all journeying to somewhere, and all not going in the same direction, and I realize that we may not always respect other people’s way of leaving Us, but it is a very important part of their growth, and it requires saying, ”Goodbye”. I miss these that have departed my life, but I know that they are going to be o.k., as I AM. I rejoice in the memories that we shared, but nothing down here is permanent, just a way to LEARN, and grow, if we weren’t saying, ” Hello”, How would we get to enjoy new experiences and new ways to be, if we stayed the same, how would we grow to be the incredible individuals that we were destined to be, by saying “GOODBYE”. Most people really do not get it, until they are at the end of their Earth walk, and suffering with regrets upon departure. I know that I do not want to be, one of those individuals, that regrets my choices, and has to repeat the cycle later. We are suppose to value, what we have, appreciate what we have been given, and celebrate our lives the best we can. If you do your best, then you will NEVER question the intentions of yourself, or others. I can say, that I have really enjoyed my grandchildren, my daughter, and my mother, even if the situations weren’t “PERFECT”. We are challenged to be better, and those relationships are to assist US, to inspire US, and support US, to do and Be who we say, we are! And once in a while, we will get acknowledgment for being PERSONALLY TRUTHFUL, and honest. And at the end of the day, that’s really all we can count on. Just be TRUE to yourself, and compassionate to all, as we all are seeking to know ” Our REAL Selves”. And celebrate WHO you are becoming! And be quick to embrace saying, ”Hello, and Goodbye” !

Rev. Dr. Goddess Yvette Whorton