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” The Power of Now” !!!!

I often wander why we are always waiting for everything, for the right time, etc. Why, there is no time like the present’s? We cheat ourselves when we consistently wait, we need to be proactive, just MOVE forward! The divine is about rapid movement, forever changing flow of Chi, life force energy, to improve our life’s. It all starts with just one step, and believing in the journey, and moving forward. We have to trust ourselves, and believe that we will get to where we are going in divine timing. I love my life, and being single now. And I understand why I have had to journey on the road less traveled. I have learned so much, about myself, relationships, and how they effect me, and my personal power. I choose to stand in my personal TRUTH, and power with integrity, and respect myself, and NEVER lower my standards, with relationships, and friendships that do not support my life, or journey. We have to set boundaries, and enforce them when needed. Let’s stop giving our power away to individuals whom do not respect our time, or value us. At the end of the day, we are ONLY accountable to the Divine, and the divinity in us. So stop relying on time to start something, and go for your dreams!!! And continued success, and divine blessings to you!!!

Rev. Dr. Goddess Yvette Whorton