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I had the blessing, and fortune of being born into a family of SOME inimitable, courageous, righteous, well groomed, charming MEN! My uncles, raised by my Strong great grandmother, Mrs. Pearly Clifton, the ONLY real grandmother that I knew, Not to diminish my father’s mother, Mrs. Margaret Whorton, as she was a FORCE in her own right! But I’m speaking of my grandmother, Mrs. Pearly Clifton, and Louis Clifton’s Children, my grandparents were ex- slaves, Black Choctaw Indians, who made a GREAT life for their 23 Children, YES, I said, 23 children, two sets of fraternal twins, owned land in MISSISSIPPI, when people of color weren’t allowed to OWN anything! My Uncle’s were an extension of these two uneducated people, whom created a legacy of LOVE, respect, integrity in their children that affected my life, and the life of my cousins, that created roots so deep in us, that we all are blessed with longevity, long LIFE! My uncle’s were humorous, fun loving, MEN of high MORAL character, and all of my Male cousin’s on the Clifton family tree, are a testament of the seeds of Mrs. Pearly Clifton & Louis Clifton, whom my mother was named after. I’m so grateful that the Creator allowed me to experience such divine love! The Divine just called my Uncle Sam, the last of my uncle’s Home, and it broke my heart, but I realized that he left such an incredible legacy, and ALL of my cousin’s his Beautiful daughter’s, one son, and plenty of grandchildren are the blessing of his life, and anytime that I get sad or mourn his ascension, all I have to do is connect to my Cousins, to see, hear, and feel his presence, and feel LOVE! All My uncle’s I loved, but some just touch your heart, and leave a deep foot print that No ONE can Ever replace, my Uncle’s Sam, and my Uncle Paul were the MOST Inimitable for me, because they weren’t just my Uncle’s they were my advisor’s, and my Uncle Paul, he was my Father, the Father that I wished that I had, but my cousin were so SELFLESS that they allowed themselves to share him, and my Auntie Janny with me! And for that I will always be grateful! Death is a part of living, and when we truly live, we embrace loss, and we appreciate all the Memories that we shared with those love ones whom have moved on, as The creator will provide a glimpse of them in other family members, new children being born, and memories of the LOVE, Unconditional Love that we shared! That’s why those individuals are Impossible to Duplicate, because they were so Original , like shooting Star’s from heaven, and you Could looking away, and you might MISS it! So look for those shooting Star’s and think of that special person, as they are there just waiting for you to notice! Goddess Blessings!