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The Hustle and bustle of energy!

Today was very interesting, I got to observe the WORLD, the macrocosm, or microcosm, actually both, at an event, people moving against the flow of energy, people flowing with the energy. And those who always attempt to go against the natural flow. Some energy was stagnate, causing a clog up in the flow, and it affects EVERYTHING, just as in life, we need to move or adjust, or CREATE and I mean CREATE a solution, when in a crowd, which is like defensive driving, which is another subject. But in life we need to acquire PATIENCE, as we have no control, most time of the environment we are in when EXPERIENCING events, but we do have control of how we engage with our actions. The divine is constant MOVEMENT, grace, and sometimes, just going with the flow, or creating something new! I prefer to create NEW flow for myself, and sometime take the off beaten path, the choice is yours to make, but all require PATIENCE, and WISDOM! Let’s respect each others FLOW, and CELEBRATE the knowledge of SELF, and the WHOLENESS with the one!