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The Chronicles of FUCKERY

In my life, I have had the experience of meeting some INTERESTING characters, and some that are just plain FUCKERY! I refer to many of them as SPECIAL EDER’S to the tenth POWER. They come into your life, create drama, and breath drama daily, and you are suppose to fix or repair their Mess daily, they really don’t want your assistance as they NEVER listen, as the Divine has continued to show them that they are TRULY EXTRA, but they go on in life thinking that everyone adores their CRAZY, and are constantly SHOCKED when people leave their Drama infused life style, and they look so clueless when this happens, and feel broken, as clearly they have always been broken, but clueless never the less. Then you have the very superficial beings that think, and rely on their physical appearance to charm others but have no content, which makes them completely, and totally insecure, you know that you have experienced them, as they parade around like peacocks, but can’t talk or they would reveal just how clueless they are. And the priceless, Troglodyte, Yes, People there are still some walking around, Now these individuals, haven’t created ANYTHING, are COWARDS by nature, and completely absorbed in their own thoughts that they have Never experienced anything but lower level, physical contact, I refer to this as a PENIS or DICK on a stick, some woman or women told them that they were great in bed, smiling, but the sad truth is that’s all they have because no one mentored them, loved them or guided them. So they escaped their pain through the abuse of substances, and SEX which they thought they were a MASTER,at but they really have no clue, how to pleasure anyone, not even themselves, see that’s why they are a” DICK on A STICK”. And the sad thing is that, if only someone would have nurtured, and cherished them, maybe they wouldn’t be so Ridiculous, and be open to NEW experiences, and EXPAND their thinking! And some of the MOST creative people are pre-imposed to the burden, self inflicted to keep these SPECIAL EDER’s off the ledge! Oh, what a life, isn’t life GRAND! And we think that the CREATOR doesn’t have a sense of humor, remember he created these people, for OUR entertainment, so smile, and laugh, and enjoy! No judgements, just saying!