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” The Blessings of Everything”

I was speaking with my tribe yesterday, and I realized that most of US, are very unaware that “Everything was created for a higher good”, including ” You”. The one caveat is that it requires that we consciously seek to understand ourselves, and our divine purpose, and study ourselves. We need to focus on getting to know, who we are, why we were Created, and the group of individuals that we are here to support. The only real way to discover the TRUTH about ourselves is through seeking to understand, and breathing deeply, and being still, each and everyday, with daily practice of just breathing, we become aware of the stillness, and complexity of past traumas, that may be the cause of Negative thinking, and Negative Self talk that we have in private with our thoughts that have delayed our impending happiness, and have caused so many years of lack of confidence, and pain. But we forget that ” No matter, what we face, the Divine is Always PRESENT”. We just need to “BELIEVE”, and have faith, in those moments of despair, and know that we can TRUST that the DIVINE will provide the best outcome in the situation, even if we can’t see it yet. I love my student’s as they are my inspirations, as they are the “HOPE” that keeps my wheels going. They allow me to “BELIEVE, and continue to be amazed at the “HOPE” of unlimited possibilities to come, they restore my faith in humanity. I just want to acknowledge them, Goddess Star, and Goddess Supreme, you all are my ambassadors of ” HOPE”. There is a quote by Confucius, And I will paraphrase, ” If a gentleman is frivolous, he will lose the respect of his inferiors and lack firm ground, upon which to build up his education”. First and foremost he must LEARN to be faithful to his superiors, to keep promises, to refuse the friendship of all who are NOT like him, and if he finds he has made a MISTAKE, then he must not be afraid of admitting the FACT and amend his ways. They are NOT in any way inferior to me or anyone, as they are GREAT teacher’s in their own right, but the teacher becomes a student, in a way, because each is LEARNING from one another, They teach me to be grateful, and restore my faith in “LEARNING”. As Master Tseng said, “When proper respect towards the dead is shown at the end and continued after they are far away from the MORAL force, The people has reached it’s highest point”, this means that even when I have ascended they will continue to share my wisdom, and create their OWN, to keep my legacy alive. What better gift could a teacher ever hope for, every seed that is sown will be nurtured , and flourished, because of them my DREAMS will be kept alive. I pay gratitude to my Mentors, The Fabulous Goddess Mamma Akeeya, and all of those that have supported my journey to prepare me for my work, and those that I didn’t mention. I’m thankful for their guidance, support, patience, tolerance, and faith that I would become a light for others. As I prepare my students, Spiritual Sisters for their independent journey’s I remember all of the blessings of my own journey, and can re-live the experiences with them. So on closing, just remember to ” BREATHE”, BELIEVE, and TRUST yourself!

Rev. Dr. Goddess Yvette Whorton