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The Beauty in loss

This year had been incredibly interesting, motivating, insightful, and all because of me having the COURAGE to move forward. I lost a relationship, several that didn’t serve me, met an individual whom I thought came in PEACE, but was a reminder of a past relationship from 20 to 30 odd years ago, which was very crazy, and unforfilling like my commitment to my partner. I really can’t blame my ex because he never experienced true love, and truly was an adult child, when we reconnected. I’m so grateful to NEVER have to repeat that experience again, to not have any of my needs met by someone whom claims to love me, and only sees themself in the relationship, but the Goddess in Me, survived it, and in my Nina Simone voice, “I’m feeling good”! It feels incredible to be liberated, and clear in my thoughts, to not give my energy to something that doesn’t fill me. The lesson was not to settle for something that could never equally fill, and nurture ME! And Never get involved with someone whom hasn’t achieved anything, or truly Loved themselves. As you can’t get something, if love never visited that space before! I love the journey, as storms make US stronger than we realize. Celebrate your growth, and honor your peace! What brings you JOY? I rediscovered that it has always been ME! In peace, always!

Courage repairs loss, and Nina Simone of course!