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“Thank the Divine Creator, for allowing me to spend time with you!!!!””

I have been pondering on the Divine Wisdom, and I have discovered that as my Divine, Goddess Sister Akeeya, shared with me, sometime ago, that we each are apart of each other’s gardens, maybe some do not have a garden, as that REQUIRES WORK!!!!I’m so happy that she shared her wisdom with me, because the Divine shared infinite wisdom with me, over the “Sabbath” a time, when we are still, and connecting to the “MOTHER SHIP”, the Divine!!!I have planted plenty of seeds, and my garden is abundant in EVERY way, by my life, my legacy, my students, and all of the fruit is harvesting, Now, right NOW! And I’m so happy that you taught me a very valuable lesson, about myself, my ability to stand in my TRUTH always with INTEGRITY, and Expanding my AWARENESS, and Knowledge of SELF, to BE the Most Fabulous Goddess, Standing in my POWER~ I appreciate all of the scars, bumps, and bruises, as they have served me well. In my life, you HELPED me become FREE, free in ALL that I do!!! I continue to grow, learn, discover MORE of me, and that’s PRICELESS!!!! I’m FREE to be me, and I release all things that didn’t serve me, But I love you, and will continue to LOVE you, because a garden takes dedication, unconditional love, and time!!! I have been truly blessed, as I only experienced one, really Horrible individual in my life, and I send them PEACE, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, and FORGIVENESS, and I have made peace with that chapter in my life. I thank you, Thank you, thank you, and thank you for making me, better!!!! Please look at your garden, what are you creating? Your garden should expand, and allow you to continue to Expand, like your relationship with the Divine, and the Divinity within YOU!!! Expand!!!!Your presence made me humble!!! 

Rev. Dr. Goddess Yvette Whorton