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”Spiritual Awareness isn’t FREE”

As I ponder my lives adventures, the ups, downs, struggles, successes, failures, at least I thought that they may appear to be failures, but not really? The things that I desired weren’t meant for me, And didn’t support my spiritual path, case in point, I committed to a relationship that never supported me, because I didn’t VALUE myself at the time, meaning I stated what I wanted but, got “Deluded”, mislead, even with my divine gifts, go figure? Laughing!!! I stood in my TRUTH, and was still mislead, because I settled, even when I knew that the person was NEVER right for me, I’m going to say that thing that most would feel unkind, he was to common, emotionally unintelligent, and we weren’t evenly YOLKED… I’m stating this because no matter what I say to my students, clients, etc., They are under the impression, that they do not have to do the things that are required to obtain the knowledge, and FREE will, is their’s to Use, but if you seek out someone like me, and many others it would be ”helpful to you, to use the information provided”! I can’t tell you how many times, I have watched my love ones, clients, and personal Friends suffer, because they didn’t react, take stock of what I shared with them. I can’t DO the work for them, or take away their PAIN, often PAIN is a motivator to move, change, and it starts with just one step, and strong Faith. I prayed to be released from my judgement of myself, in all relationships, and ACCEPTED the TRUTH, my personal Truth, that each and every SOUL has there OWN journey, we just need to show COMPASSION, and LOVE, Equanimity JOY, and be impartial with ourselves, and others. Allow the Creator, God Source Energy to guide you to your dreams! Choose your journey, and Create your DREAMS!



Rev. Dr. Goddess Yvette Whorton