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Self- imposed Burdens

Everyday we choice to burden ourselves, with other people’s expectations, of who they think we are and what role we should willingly or unwillingly play in their lives. Some of us choose to be peacemakers unwillingly , just to maintain balance and harmony within our circle of friends, and for some our role is healer, advisor, friend, truth slayer, even when we clearly have no dog in that hunt. Just assumming that we must step up to save the day, in the mist of the drama, all the while noticing that this isn’t our mess to assist with, but participating never the less. People learn lessons because that is in their sacred contracts, and they need to adjust, reflect, and review their actions or lack of action that has caused the very circumstances that need us to play, Captain Save a H**, for lack of a better word. We choose to play these roles, some of us willingly, but not wholeheartedly because we want to assist, and encourage, but it causes so much unrest, and disturbs our peace, because often we are NOT speaking our personal TRUTH and sometimes our HELP, more than often is not appreciated, nor really wanted. It’s great to listen to others issues, and assist when we can, but we are all the authors of our own stories, and we can’t support a story that we did not write. So I personally have decided that I can provide encouragement but have no desire to play a role in someone’s life, whom isn’t interested in developing their own story. The self-imposed burden isn’t mine to figure out, only the AUTHOR of the works. We are of More assist to others and ourselves by respecting their process, and encouraging them, but NOT attempting to re-write their story for them. It’s all about being happy, and choices that we make, work on your own story!