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” Reflections of childhood”

As we prepare for the Homecomings of dear friends, family members, and in most cases our parents, What are your memories of them? Are there memories of joy, laughter, peace, chaos, family feuds, or drama?Well, anyone whom experienced the “Whorton Clan” was completely aware that ANYTHING could happen at 8727 Luella. My parents were, old school, and older parents, so they believed in tearing that ASS up, Please excuse the language, but it’s TRUE, and Most times, I must say, we deserved that Ass Whooping, clearly. And then there were times, when you may or may not deserved to be punished but in my mother’s words,” she was whooping you for OLD and New offenses”. My sister Victoria, was always conspiring to make someone’s life, very uncomfortable, especially my little brother, Thaddeus. She would torture him daily, sticking compasses in his skin, or just being herself, cheeky! Always a wise ass comment, which would set my father, Mr. Elmor Whorton on fire, so someone had to pay, punishment or Ass whooping, neither seemed Good for Us at the time. My mother Mrs. Pearly Mae Whorton, could wait that ass out, and get to whooping you for something that she remembered that you did sometime ago. That’s my story, but it DO NOT kill Me, it just made me determined to leave their House, quickly! I remember my parents telling us that we had to either go to school, i.e. meaning go to College, or work, but we couldn’t live in their home, after High School, well, I remember saying to myself, Who would want to? It’s funny how quickly, we say these things, not realizing that the harsh reality was coming that bills were going to have to be paid for this New found FREEDOM. Well, one of my siblings, let’s call her “Betty”, some how NEVER obtained that understanding or received the MEMO, she always AVOIDED that lesson, she is No longer here, but my sister had a great Gift, some would say that she was a busy Body, ALWAYS in others people’s business, including my parents! She always had some insights into other people’s life’s except hers. Then my other sister, Victoria passed, as she was murdered in 1988, I think, it’s been so long, I miss her, as every family, has a VICTORIA, NEVER name your child after a love one, you will regret it, as it has been my personal experience those are LARGE shoes to fill. Anyway, back to Ms. Betty, my Sister, had Ginormous talents, with hair care, but you would have to chase her down during your appointment, if she had a couple of cocktails, as she loved to drink, that’s one reason that I started locking my hair, not the first but one of the reasons. She would have her clients in that shop ALL DAY, and sometimes NIGHT, she would be cooking, minding other peoples business, cussing you out, and even leaving you under a dryer while she stepped out of the shop, but boy, could my Sister hit the lottery, weekly, daily. My sister was a character, she could make you mad, and feed you LOVE all at the same time. Well, like individuals like her, she got drunk, and had clients waiting on her to complete their hair, chasing her to finish, now keep in mind, my sister was/is a great Beautician, as Most individuals would say, “she could grow your hair”. And this is interesting as they would allow her, to delay their day, but would be beautiful when she finished, But you just couldn’t get my sister to do ANYTHING that she didn’t want to Do, even the stuff that she was suppose to be doing, like finishing your hair, because it was ALWAYS a Social event for her, on her time, Funny, right? Because she was SUPPOSE to be working? Well, One Night, I received a call from someone in the shop, that my sister was “STUCK” in their closet, her ass in the air, drunk as all get out! Now picture someone barely, five feet tall, bend over in the closet, drunk… and can’t get up! I was laughing so hard when I went to get her, and the next morning, she had the nerve, to ask a friend of ours from childhood, if she finished her client, Priceless! That was just one experience of growing up in the ” Whorton Clan”. That taught me, early on, to Value FRIENDSHIPS, as you couldn’t choose your family! Remember Those memories as they are moments in time, that are so precious as We grow older, Next week, I will be 53 years young, and I look forward to creating MORE laughter, Wealth, and Healing in my life, and those around ME! And continued success, and Divine blessings, always! Namaste!

Rev. Dr. Goddess Yvette Whorton