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Why do we allow ourselves to be defined by pain? Pain can be a motivator to change, and it can also be like a comfortable blanket, helping us to be stagnant. Sometimes, I think that we are cursed to repeat, and re-ingest the pain of our ancestors, immediate family, i.e. parents. We often define ourselves by the standards of others,  always feeling compared to others, always attempting to conform to society, not once thinking of the affects of not embracing ourselves, completely. To be still, and touch base within our deepest, darkest Selves, and delete the domestic programming of our parent’s, and the affects of re-ingest their pain. The losses that they left for us to pick up, and the behaviors and fears, and self loathing, insecurities, and dreams deferred. All of the inadequacy, and self limiting believes that they formed from childhood, placed upon us, and from tgeur view, serve as guidelines to some fantasy live, that they feel will redeem their present reality,  it’s a lot to deal with, and somehow, our souls want to be clear of the dogma, and just be FREE, liberated, and made whole again, as we were when we came into this existence. But first, we must conquer, our demons within that limit us from having the best life. And it starts in silence, we must reclaim, all parts of ourselves, the insecurities, the feelings of judgements and self recriminating thoughts and beliefs that hinder growth. We must forgive ourselves and others, for what we perceive as judgements about us, when people tend to judge or share their opinions of us, they are not us, there is no comparison,  so we can be respectful but that is not our passion or pursuit in life, so we can agree to disagree, and never take it personal, it’s not a judgement of us, and it takes a little  understanding from within to know that. It’s called, self development. So embrace yourself, Celebrate your growth, and anything that comes up in a disagreement is an opportunity we get to heal yourself. As nothing can heal within us, if we do not address it, and identify why it bothered us so much, and find ways through therapy, mediation, and oneness with the creative force, to reinnovate ourselves, and our lives. It takes COURAGE to face, the things that make us uncomfortable, and that uncomfortableness is the pain, screaming to be acknowledged, and be freed so we can LIVE a more rich life, that is limitless. Fear paralysis us, and creates lack of growth, and movement in our lives. Please don’t allow your fears to stop your progress and success!  Heal your pain, and move forward, and live your best life.


  • May 31, 2020


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