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My word for today PORTENTOUS

In a world of pompous individuals, and people whom exhibit bad decision making behavior, and chose to disregard others, feelings, it’s always refreshing to see LOVE, in family situations, and the way that a father looks at his daughter, with loving eyes! We have so much to be grateful for in our lives, and seeing these tender moments, just guides me to want to see more. I’m not in a relationship, now but I LOVE, LOVE! And I have discovered that the relationship that I have cultivated with myself, is so AWESOME, I discovered that I Love my FREEDOM, and that I’m never bored, as I reflected on my last relationship, I was always BORED, as a person, whom needs conversation, and mental stimulation, I craved that! But now, I have all of the stimulating conversations that I need with MYSELF, it’s so incredible to realize that I was always ENOUGH for myself! And ladies, and Gentleman that is my personal TRUTH! Love starts with YOURSELF, and blooms outward!