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My word for today is “ERSATZ”

Last week I had the pleasure of learning a German word, “ERSATZ” it means the description of an artificial substitute for something usually of inferior quality. And I was thinking about how people whom aren’t really speaking their personal TRUTH, and being real with whom they say they are affects not ONLY, themselves and everyone around them. Why are people so plastic? Why are people so focused on being someone that they aren’t? Why is it easier, to be something other than yourself? It isn’t, we have been taught since birth to copy other peoples behaviors, even if they aren’t in alignment with what we know to be the truth of who we are. It’s easy to copy others, but hard to honor ourselves, Love and accept ourselves. Most times in our hearts we believe that we do not deserve to be truly happy, loved, and appreciated for just being US. I want you to know, that you are a gift to the WORLD, and that you wear a CROWN, and are of ROYAL birth. And that the CREATOR, created you with many gifts to display to the world, and your community, family, enemies, and friends alike. And that Uniqueness is your gift, to be all that you were meant to be, Not an imitation of anything but you! You are not inferior, you are a bright light, waiting to shine, and the creator is waiting for you to be and perform your destiny! Love yourself enough to SHINE, and be a light where there is most times NO light, no PEACE, No JOY! Be Kind, and celebrate all that you have achieved. Be mindful that you are a STAR, just waiting to be discovered! And know that you are a blessing to the Universe, and beyond! So shine your light bright, and be YOU!