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My word for today Is ELEEMOSYNARY

In this changing society, We have forgotten to be ELEEMOSYNARY, this word means to be charitable, or donating to charity! Every time, I leave my house, and especially traveling in most downtown areas, you see many homeless people, and people walking around them, as if these divine beings, DO NOT EXIST! Why have we forgotten that PEOPLE matter? We all have struggles, and challenges, and may or may not understand that we each are just one pay check away from struggling or being homeless. It breaks my heart to see OUR lack of COMPASSION, and EMPATHY for others. We need to do a better job of improving the lives of others, especially if we claim to be spiritual people, and RELIGIOUS beings. Please make a conscious intent to pray for these less fortunate than yourself, and give them whatever you can, I would personally appreciate it, it is a LARGE part of service to the CREATOR, and creating MORE LOVE in the world!