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Music, Merriment, and the sexy Lenny KRAVITZ!

Today I had the wonderful pleasure of seeing the WONDERFUL, SEXY, ENTERTAINING, Lenny Kravitz, and the MOST fabulous Goddess, Mamma People’s, and the other fabulous Goddesses! Life is so AMAZING, the day was filled with blessings, great parking, lovely communication, conversation, and laughter! Each moment is a blessing, with Love surrounding you, and GREAT ENERGY, and the Joy of seeing people truly enjoy themselves, being FREE! Music, heals the soul, and creates so many Memories. I was blessed to sharing time with so many loving beings today, cooperating and sharing their time with me and the Fabulous beings that I was with, we were able to get a space, so that Mamma could access the bathroom, parking was EXCELLENT, and the lawn was great at the RAVINIA, and the sweet sounds of Lenny Kravitz, were just what the Doctor ordered. Please be mindful of all the love that is around you, and enjoy each moment as if it were your last, because life changes, and people, and energy leave us, so please share LOVE, and speak of it’s sweetness everyday, and just remember the joy is in the moments, with love ones, and the people that you meet each day! It was a LOVE Fest today! And A MEMORY, I will always cherish! One for my rainy day FUND! Be blessed, and appreciate the little moments, and love all around you! And more will come, just BELIEVE!