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Today I had an adventure with myself, so I will refer to it as a DATE! I enjoyed my personal journey, I had a delicious meal, great company, and ME! It was AWESOME! And I even treated myself to a little jewelry to top the day off! I love spending sacred time with myself, I observed LOVE, in everyway today, couples loving on each other, and children with their parents, and I UNDERSTOOD, that in those many moments, the ENERGY all around me, the PURE essence of the Divine, and it’s many aspects are so amazing, we just need to SEE, with our hearts NOT our heads! And from a space of nonjudgement, It’s our responsibility to APPRECIATE, EXPLORE, and really seek to know ourselves, isn’t that LOVE! I will NEVER deny myself ANYTHING, as everything is here to experience! We just need to remember that it’s just that, and we develop if we just honor the journey! I loved my company so much that this date will continue, well, at least once a week! And I will get all the benefits of TRUTH, HOPE, LOVE, SUPPORT, and maybe a happy ending at the end of my date, I hope that made you SMILE! Laughter is a gift too, so go on that special date with YOURSELF!