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Just Love!

Today I had the pleasure of speaking to someone from my past, it was a pleasure to speak with him, and it brought back the moments of how we met, I love house music and dancing fills my SOUL! We met at a event in the Sheridan Hotel , about 25 years ago. You know how you never really know how meeting someone will affect your life, it was like meeting your unevolved soul mate, and I was on my journey, so things didn’t work out. But over the years, many in fact, I often thought about him. He is a tender soul, and I was very driven in my pursuit of a spiritual life, and like two ships in the night, it wasn’t to be. I enjoyed his naïve behavior, and of course, he is a mama’s boy, but so loving. It’s been my personal experience not to engage with someone if you aren’t really into them. I just enjoyed cuddling with him, and of course having intercourse with him, but as life can bear witness, sometimes we have to continue on the journey, I loved him as he grew on me, but we weren’t suited for one another, as he was experiencing a pursuit for material wealth, and my journey has always been spiritual. He took my breath away, just by speaking with him, and it made me be overjoyed! It’s the little things in life that make me so happy, and I feel so blessed to have spoken with him, after many years. And love real LOVE never fades, it just grows, and if we never engage again, it made me so happy in that moment! Appreciate those moments, and cherish them always!