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Just Because I bless you with a gift doesn’t give you the right to expect me to continue to bless you…

It has been my personal experience lately, that when I extend a blessing to someone, they expect me to continue to do their work for them. I’m not working all the time, so when clients call, there is NO EXPECTATION on my part, to provide insight for them, at that moment. If you want a service, schedule one, This isn’t personal, you are my client, I’m NOT your instant ORACLE, Be mindful of that, understand that the Goddess Needs rest too. I would appreciate some consideration, at least a HELLO, not just what problems or obstacle that you are going through, my gift is a blessing from the CREATOR, not to be dishonored, I enjoy helping and supporting my clients, but let’s RESPECT boundaries. We are not friends, and I run a business, and this is my personal TRUTH, so respect my space! A huge part of growing spiritually is learning to TRUST yourself, and have FAITH! You need to dedicate yourself to meditation, pray, and PRACTICE! I’m not your personal ORACLE. What I share is precious, and is of value, and NEEDS, and will be respected, and honored, even if I have to tell you about yourself. So I will say, NO when it doesn’t feel like I’m being appreciated or HONORED! I was disappointed this week, when I gifted a young gentleman, and another client a blessing of my divine gifts, and instead of being grateful there was an expectation that I owed them something, It blew my mind, but it’s a huge part of why people sometimes DO NOT VALUE FREE, or blessing! That’s exactly why I will never dishonor myself again, NO ONE will get anything from me except my Spiritual Sisters, and Spiritual Family, and If I haven’t labelled you with that tittle, fall in line and not expect me to bless you with things that you haven’t earned from me , without the Divine’s approval. And the funny thing is I use to provide FREE services for 20 or so years, and never been treated like I have lately, and it’s funny because My spiritual sister’s have always ”TOLD me that NO one should get a FREE RIDE”, well, this week was my confirmation, and I thank the CREATOR for those insights, as “People do not APPRECIATE ANYTHING that they DO NOT PAY for” and VALUE, as I now realize that I have to be clear, and constantly set BOUNDARIES! No free rides, and No Payment PLANS! Do not de-value yourself, YOU are Worth it, I realize That I AM! And I won’t settle for ANYTHING LESS! Remember That You are the PRIZE! Free can sometimes mean HOKUM!