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Is this Alive or Memorex ?

As I have been blessed with the fortune of celebrating my 53RD Birthday, this past Sunday, I began to ponder my life, and I began to ponder, what changes in my thinking have created the person that I have become today. I often thought that when I was younger, maybe around 20 or 30, that my appearance was so IMPORTANT, and that I was destined to be happy, because I was attractive, smart, friendly, loving, always kept my hands, and feet looking good. But I never thought about the IMPORTANCE of working on improving my ”Spiritual Wealth, and what I mean by that is ” My spiritual identity”, The MOST IMPORTANT part of ME, I didn’t value myself, as I shared time with individuals that didn’t know or realize my WEALTH, VALUE, as a person, a friend, a wife, I didn’t project the best of ME, my inner SELF, as I was so preoccupied with my physical appearance. Well, after a whole lot of development, growth, challenges, obstacles, life experiences, I discovered that my beauty, wasn’t NEVER enough to fill me, just stating the TRUTH, at least it’s my TRUTH. You will NEVER appreciate, or value yourself, unless you develop your INNER SELF, Beauty radiates from within, not outside, Let me state that again, YOUR inner beauty radiates from inside, not outside. My father use to tell, his daughter’s, all of us, “That it may take a pretty face to attract me, but it will take MORE than that to KEEP ME, Do you get it? I finally did, No matter how attractive you attempt to be, No outer Beauty can EVER, EVER, EVER, in my chris tucker voice, bestow upon you the richness of PURE spiritual Beauty! We spend so much time on outer appearances, but are hollow inside, where it counts the MOST. I realized that NO matter, how I looked outside to the WORLD, It would NEVER grant me, great relationships, as we all seek to LOVE, and be LOVED, but you can’t love someone who doesn’t LOVE themselves. You can’t receive something that you DO NOT really think that you deserve, we suffer because we aren’t being TRUTHFUL with ourselves, when we seek to deceive ourselves, or others, when we attempt to fit into a place or space, that we do not belong. We have to radiate LOVE from within, in order to receive it in the material world, and let me tell you, it’s doesn’t start with lip stick, a big booty, and beautiful face, a attractive body, it starts inside. You have to LOVE all parts of yourself, completely, and the REAL person that will LOVE you, will truly SEE YOU, from the inside out. We sometimes think that when we are looking FABULOUS we attract others, let me tell you, when I have been my regular SELF, some would say No make up, maybe even tore up, I get more PLAY, flirts, and compliments, than when I think that I’m styling and profiling. It’s hilarious, because ANYONE that truly SEES YOU, wants to get to know your TRUE SELF, not the representative, NOT the make-up, get it MADE UP, YOU! I want my next LOVE to see me, not the MADE UP ME, but my true spiritual beauty. So in closing, YOUR appearance ISN’T YOU, your beauty ISN’T YOU, your spirit, SOUL is you! And NO amount of Make UP can cover that UP. Be Authentic, and the rare JEWEL, you were meant to BE! NO body likes COPIES!

Rev. Dr. Goddess Yvette Whorton