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I love words, and a couple of weeks ago, I discovered a new WORD HUGGER-MUGGER, Do you have any idea what is means? Well, well, just think? It’s a 16TH century word, or phrase meaning CHAOTIC and disorganized, and conducted with a secret or clandestine nature. Interesting, right? I thought so, It relates to the current state in this WORLD, DRAMA, DRAMA,DRAMA! I often sit and reflect on my day, and the news is so disheartening, BOGUS, not sure what is TRUTH ! In some way or another the MORE we develop the less we really know about OURSELVES or others. What happened to being curious, and remembering the childlike wander of discovering NEW, and exciting things, I’m like a kid in a candy store, when it comes to BOOKS, they are my FRIEND, my LOVE, they allow me to EXPLORE, to create, to discover MORE things about myself, and others. If we PRACTICE focusing on US, there would NOT be ANY Hugger-Mugger going on in the Universe! I think that we have LONG forgotten about the excitement of discovering that we could do something NEW. I remember when I learned how to ride my bike, as a child, as we all probably have experienced I was afraid, and didn’t want to let go, or actually didn’t want my sibling to let me go because I thought that I would hit the ground, then once I GOT IT, I was FEARLESS, determined to show off, displaying NO HANDS, and using my knees to steer the bike, and then after years of enjoying my BIKE, I discovered BOYS and other things that I felt at the time were more interesting, but as I look back, my bike was my first real exploration of SELF, it allowed me to get away from my family, develop independence, and just soar in the wind. It helped me to discover myself in a NEW way, and I became FREE, really FREE, well, as free as I could at that time, smiling! Then I got introduced to BOYS, and all attention went to being preoccupied with my appearance, and makeup, and other important , things i.e. deceiving my parents so that I could rendezvous with my friends or some knuckle head boy, now that’s some HUGGER-MUGGER, as I usually got caught! Superficial relationships that MOST times caused me, CHAOTIC situations at HOME, where my mother was changing LOCKS to the house in the middle of the night, because I violated the rules of curfew, and I remember one night having to spend the night on the porch of the neighborhood high School, CVS. My mother did not play, she was real stern with discipline, and would SLAP ” The TASTE out of your mouth” in her words! And Kick that A** if necessary ! My mother could really destroy any hopes for Hugger-Mugger, as she was a great guide, and supreme A** Kicker, and DRAMA SLAYER! Remember the joy of NO bills, No responsibilities, as our parents use to say, at least mine did, Don’t be in a hurry to grow up! No wiser words were EVER shared!