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  • May 13, 2018

    Katie Meisner

    I received my first ever reading and cleanse from Goddess Yvette, and she changed my life. Every thing she told me was 100 percent accurate and relevant. She was able to bring up and confirm things I’ve never shared with anyone. She allowed me to communicate with family members who I miss very much, and feel better about having them with me always. I am beyond grateful and blessed for this experience and I can not wait to go back. Goddess Yvette is an amazing soul and she has a very special gift. Absolutely a necessity to see her as I go along my spiritual journey. Namaste- Katie Meisner _thumbelina 😉

  • May 7, 2018

    M. Peoples Gadson

    Oftentimes we think we have connected with someone so quickly and it seems that you have become fast friends. It is something that is organic, effortless and feels very familiar. It is a soul connection with the other person that never changes. It is something that remains a question for many people. Then there are times when you have grown to love these individuals and they pass on to the spirit world but they are still with you, around you, protecting you, and showing signs that they are right there when needed; showing you signs that relate to the two of you and your personal relationship. To be in tune to things of this ilk oftentimes require a conduit for those who have crossed over to pass messages along to us from the spirit world. Goddess Yvette is indeed that soul among us who is able to perform that role.

    I had a cleanse, the crystal healing and a reading. All of the services I received were AMAZING however reading was what was the most rewarding for me. My session with Goddess Yvette allowed me to communicate with my late husband who recently died on June 6th of 2017. I was so confused about many things surrounding his health, his passing and most importantly our relationship. I was able to communicate to my late husband and be able to channel his energy to me for visits of comfort. If you are wrestling with the passing of a loved one, searching for guidance or need an energy or chakra cleanse the Goddess will be able to address it and lighten your load. I left feeling energized and as light as a feather. I received closure and it is a huge blessing. Thank you, Goddess, you will always be my oracle. Many blessings – M Peoples Gadson

  • March 16, 2018


    I so appreciate the experience that I had with Goddess Yvette. Being raised in the church I was very skeptical but I knew that I felt really pulled toward meeting with her. I’m glad I followed my internal guidance and follow through on it. I feel like a new person because some very deep beliefs were unearthed and I got to heal them. I alleviate her commitment to assisting people to heal and her strength in refusing to allow me to give up on my healing. She is very caring and very good at what she does. From when I first stepped in the door she knew things about me that I know I didn’t tell her and she allowed me to connect with grandmother and hear some words that I needed in ordertoo move forward and address some situations in my present. I feel forever changed for the better and so much lighter. I am so grateful. Thank you Goddess Yvette!

  • March 13, 2018

    Jaelon Trice

    Hello Goddess Yvette,

    The truly Divine powers you have never cease to amaze me.

    I was introduced to Goddess Yvette by my fiance. After our introduction, she gave both myself and my partner information during our readings that were so spot on, it sent chills up my spine. I would recommend Goddess Yvette to all potential clients seeking a Divine affirmation, energy healing session, or reading.

    She is truly in tune with the Spirit realm. Peace, love, and light Goddess Yvette. Until next time.

  • February 15, 2018

    Emil Lewis

    I recently had a reading done by the Goddess Yvette and I have to admit I was somewhat hesitant with regards to the whole spiritual aspect of it. This was my first time ever having a reading done and I really didn’t know what to expect. I’m not going to talk about the specifics of what we discussed but I will say that with regards to the reading that she gave me, it was 100% on point and accurate. I knew that there would be a discussion of love life, finances and hopes and dreams for the future. However, she told me things that I hadn’t shared with anyone. It was like she had personal information that no one could possibly have known & to be honest I was caught off guard by the details she knew. It was information that I intentionally steered clear from. The thing that amazed me was most of the subjects that she brought up were relevant and they were things that I was not ready to discuss but because she had broached the subject I wanted to hear her out and hear how accurate she could be with out me volunteering the obvious information. I am not a big believer when it comes to this type of stuff but I can honestly say that since the reading I was left with even more questions that need answers . Therefore, I will be scheduling another appointment. I would recommend Goddess Yvette & the services she provides to anyone seeking answers & spiritual enlightenment. Since my reading I have come to realize that she has brought forth many blessings in my life on many levels. I look forward to our next encounter & the spiritual growth it will bring..
    Amil- San Bernardino,CA

  • January 24, 2018


    I am trying 2 leave a comment on how accurate my reading was w/ Goddess Yvette,