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“He that won’t be counseled can’t be helped” quote Benjamin Franklin.

It’s has been my personal experience, that individuals that do not follow counsel can’t be helped, when you seek out someone like me or my Spiritual family, Please follow the directives, and proceed forward, the counsel can ONLY be effective if followed. I have been privy to so many conversations that break my heart, because individuals DID NOT act on the sage advise given. We can’t support you, if YOU do not ACT! It isn’t my responsibility to do the work for you, if I recommend or suggest something to YOU, just act, or do the research! One can’t hope to obtain WISDOM by standing on the sidelines. We learn by PRACTICE, and then doing what is required. I personally tell my students, in order to obtain the very thing that they are seeking is by sowing the seed, then sowing the deed, then sowing the habit, then sowing the CHARACTER, to sow their DESTINY! It’s real simple, but maybe not, if you do not THINK that you are worthy of the PRIZE. Just think, you can’t receive ANYTHING without the work, or that you really do not think that you DESERVE. Remember to focus, and sow the seed, and follow through, it will require some Sacrifice, maybe your time, but aren’t you WORTH It?Sometimes we give up on something, just when it’s about to manifest. Now go out and Make MAGIC happen!

Rev. Dr. Goddess Yvette Whorton