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Many times as WE are bogged down by the reality of this life, we forget to Dream, and have a PHANTASMAGORIA Dream, The Word PHANTASMAGORIA means a dream like state in which images both real or imagined blur together, just like life, as reality, and dreams sometimes become so close that we can literally taste them. I dream of a WORLD that children are safe, loved, and people of all RACES are really FREE! That we are Kind to one another, and have compassion, and Love, and mercy, forgiveness for and with one another in OUR differences. That we as a PEOPLE seek to understand each other, and desire to extend ourselves to those that we see are in need. And that we Love those that have NO LOVE, and encourage them to be GREATER than they know themselves to be. We form communities that are safe, loving, prosperous! And that we actually see one another for the DIVINE beings, that we are, and see the Divine in ALL! That we celebrate LOVE, in all of it’s forms, NO MORE LABELS, just loving energy! And that there be No More Loss, of life! As we learn to appreciate the bounty before Us! As at the end of each day, EVERYTHING is LOVE! Love is so precious, as it’s the PHANTASMAGORIA of our ancestors, and their ancestors, and sometimes we experience glimpses of this possibility, maybe they seem random, but they are there! I want so much for the WORLD to experience PEACE, and STOP the HOKUM! As Love and PEACE are The ONLY way to heal this world! Be kind to each other, open your hearts, breathe, and focus on healing yourself, and creating the WORLD that we all DESERVE! Goddess Blessings, and continue to send Light out into a WORLD that needs it!