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Goddesses/Gods,” Your life is calling You”! Live it!

We sometimes forget that we are personally responsible for our lives, and the content of our character, and the things that we choose for self. We are in need of discovering Self, Loving Self, and accepting the Love of the Creator, and trusting that we will be, right where we need to be, always! That trust is developed through daily practice, and using your Wonder Powers, as I refer to them, to create, heal, and restore your life. It’s your story and yours alone, remember that you are the author, writer, and orator, of the personal truth about you. Trust that your story is enough and trust that you, and you alone wrote it with the MOST finite of blessings, growth, and victorious outcome possible for YOU! Confucius, stated ”with those who follow a different WAY it is useless to take counsel”. Understand that you are the Master of your individual, unique, awesome story, filled with adventure, challenges, obstacles, drama sometimes self-imposed, or created by your supporting cast members, with you as the main character, sometimes viewed by others as flawed, but completely aware of your story. Confucius, states ”All that matters is to get one’s meaning through” or in my words across to those that we converse with by setting clear boundaries, and enforcing them.