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“Friendship is so precious”!!!!!!

As my mother would say, ” Everyone isn’t your friend”, and as I became an adult, I realized that she was soooo RIGHT! A friendship is Precious, honest, and truthful! We get to choose our friends, and we should have some common pursuits, and shared goals, we should be able to be honest, and clear in our communications with our friends, as this is important. The true measure of a friendship, is TRUST, and honoring each other, not explaining, just pure TRUST! We meet many people on our journey, and some will seek to cause discord, and some will be pleasant, and other’s will celebrate our successes, and challenges, just be mindful of these rare, and precious connections. God is all about movement, progression, and expansion, we need to seek to understand ourselves first, and then pray for UNDERSTANDING of others, without JUDGEMENT, that sours the connection, see with, and from your HEART, as it is the center of your awareness! All of my spiritual family are expanding, and I never seek to STAGNATE their growth, as I realize that Friends can go in different directions, and still meet side by side. So honor those that are HERE, and DEAR!!! And Think LOVING thoughts about your Sisters, meaning FRIENDS, and seek first to understand, and share, experience, and DANCE into your life experiences with LOVE all around you, as these are the TRUE gifts of friendship, plain and Simply, to ENJOY the company of your TRIBE, and uplift, and laugh, and celebrate each other, and the divine within each of US!

Rev. Dr. Goddess Yvette Whorton