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“Focus on YOU”

As we go through the changes in our life paths, we sometimes question our journey, will we be enough, or have enough? Well, if you think positive, you will always, always, always have enough, and be enough, in all situations. I have been practicing Qi Gong meditation for 30 years, it has taught me to trust myself, breathe, and created a knowingness , that has helped me discover who I AM. When we TRUTH ourselves and rely on our TRUTH, things start to change for US, we discover when we TRUST ourselves we begin to be stronger, and grow, and develop a sense of SELF. We no longer participate in things that do not serve Us, or the people around us, we have a knowing that EVERYTHING, and I mean everything will work out for the best. When I doubt myself, I’m saying to myself, that I do not TRUST the process, and that I’m not worthy of the GOOD that’s all around me. To be honest, sometimes I have discovered that the HARDEST thing for me is to let go, of the very things that I realize are holding me back, and this year, I have decided to put Me FIRST. Sometimes, and most times, it’s hard for us, at least I realize for myself, that over the years I have always placed others needs over mine. We have to put OURSELVES first, It’s not SELFISH to take care of you, and know that you deserve the BEST, even when the situation is challenging. If you do not watch out for you, who will? In order to have the life that you deserve, doesn’t that require your attention? Are we so quick to allow others to determine our WORTH, and Value that we forget what is important to US? I stopped living for others, and I decided to CHOOSE ME, and I realized that I can’t assist anyone if I’m not happy, balanced, and O.K. And I also, realized that for me to obtain my PEACE, I needed to set great BOUNDARIES with individuals whom seek to take advantage of my good character, No Pain, NO GAIN! We need to stop standing in the way of other peoples GROWTH, either they GET it or they don’t, that’s not OUR issue, it’s theirs. We can’t save anyone who doesn’t want our assistance, and we can’t do the work for them, I’m not Captain save a HOE, Are you? Just saying. I personally want to assist EVERYONE, but there is one caveat, not if it creates DRAMA, suffering, and lack of PEACE for me, I will pass! Place yourself FIRST, and I have noticed that people will respect you for your choice. Healing starts with you, aren’t you worth it? I know that I AM. I will No longer allow myself to be treated UNKIND, and except something LESS THAN for the sake of making others feel good, that’s their purpose to make themselves “HAPPY”, not MINE ! Happiness is a state of mind, so allow them to create their OWN! We are not responsible for other peoples lives, just OURS, stop living their lives for them, make them OWN their ****! Speak your PERSONAL TRUTH, and at the end of the day, thank the Creative Source for the wisdom, and grace to carry on!

Rev. Dr. Goddess Yvette Whorton


  • April 9, 2020


    Well Said!!!