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Everyone is a RANCONTEUR!

I was reflecting on my Sabbath, and I discovered that everyone, and everything is a RANCONTEUR, a French word for storyteller, we see this is MUSIC, one of my favorite things in this reality, As Music allows a intimate story to be expressed by an RANCONTEUR, to bring life force energy to the emotion of what was dearly being conveyed in the Sacred Sound. Like a artist whom captivates our hearts with their master piece that sometimes draws, tears, laughter, and JOY from us, just by looking at the object! I decided that one of life’s greatest gifts, is to assist other’s in being successful RANCONTEUR’S of their story’s and that we all are divine testimonials of OUR special Story with the DIVINE SOURCE, and it needs to be expressed, released to the WORLD, to bring JOY, HAPPINESS, PEACE, and may SPARK inspiration in others, so be a great RANCONTEUR, and tell your story! As this insight, will allow you to live, and I mean LIVE a more full life!


  • August 23, 2019


    I had the opportunity to experience goddess Yvette’s gift. It was indeed a gift for me! The insight she shared on my life and the things that were in front of me was very helpful in my healing growth and development. She spoke to things that I never mentioned or even eluded to. Helped me to find closure as well as encouragement from past experiences. It was a wonderful experience that I encourage people to experience for themselves.