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Eternal Peace

As I reflected on this Sabbath Celebration, I became aware of All the Joy, Happiness, and Peace, that I share with my Divine Sisters, some from the past, and current relationships. I think of the deep inner Peace, and kindness that I experience with them, and some of the relationships that have left my presence due to comparison, jealousy, and lack of communication. Some have attempted to compare themselves to others, when they clearly have a different question and answer to address in this lifetime. It breaks my heart, when people attempt to throw their MESS on others instead of clearly looking within. Expansion requires, that we examine ourselves, our ACTIONS. and stop blaming others for mistakes, and incorrect assessments that we made, without communication, or dialog with that individual, it’s so easy to point the finger at others, and not take RESPONSIBILITY for our part, in a disagreement, Everyone wants to be a Oracle, but it’s not an easy assignment as it requires PATIENCE, LOVE, and ACCEPTANCE, and BALANCE, and CONTROL of SELF. It makes me smile, when people make ASSUMPTIONS about me, as only my Divine Sisters, past and current truly KNOW, Goddess Yvette, and accept me ! My suggestion is focus on YOUR purpose, and stop attempting to Be something that you clearly ARE NOT!