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Divine Connection

Today I had the pleasure of sharing some facetime with my Beautiful Awesome Spiritual Sister, The Most Fabulous Mamma Akeeya, she was a mentor to me on my journey, and a great companion to me on my spiritual quest. We always pick-up from the joyful memories of the past, and celebrate all of the grand experiences, and life affirming changes that have occurred in our lives, and discovered that we both noticed that we have observed that ”Mankind as a WHOLE ”, doesn’t possess GRATITUDE, nor understand that we as Spiritual beings, ANGELS, ASCENDANT MASTERS, have worked really hard to obtain, wisdom, grace, mercy, and peace, and it took many, many, many life times of EXPANDING our minds to get where we are in this experience. It’s not easy to maintain knowledge of SELF, in a WORLD that doesn’t CELEBRATE the uniqueness of the DIVINE. We are all extensions of the WHOLE, the source of EVERY living being. The human pathology is to lump everyone in one group, and convince everyone that it’s a great IDEA to be devoid of SELF, and not even attempt to be different, as that’s not ACCEPTABLE to the main stream, so you are suppose to jeopardize yourself to fit others IDEA of who you are , and that wasn’t the CREATOR’S plan. And this creates disharmony within our bodies and SENSE of SELF, and creates patterns that destroy our PEACE! Stop attempting to be someone’s version of YOU, and just be the best that you can be, and TRUST the creative FORCE, the DIVINE in YOU! Embrace the GOD/ GODDESSES in YOU! And you will discover the POWER within, and you are truly a FORCE to be RECKONED with! EXPLORE and EXPAND YOU!