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As a child I always, always, always dreamed of my home, my original home, a place of LOVE, compassion, Hope, faith, and respect for others, and my TRUE Family! Well, I discovered that my original family has always, always been with me along this challenging journey. I want so much for the people around me, for them to see who they are and celebrate their growth, and achievements. But I also have come to realize that people have to want to see themselves, as a SUCCESS, and

I was reflecting on my Sabbath, and I discovered that everyone, and everything is a RANCONTEUR, a French word for storyteller, we see this is MUSIC, one of my favorite things in this reality, As Music allows a intimate story to be expressed by an RANCONTEUR, to bring life force energy to the emotion of what was dearly being conveyed in the Sacred Sound. Like a artist whom captivates our hearts with their master piece that sometimes draws, tears, laughter, and JOY from us, just by looking

Why do we allow ourselves to be defined by pain? Pain can be a motivator to change, and it can also be like a comfortable blanket, helping us to be stagnant. Sometimes, I think that we are cursed to repeat, and re-ingest the pain of our ancestors, immediate family, i.e. parents. We often define ourselves by the standards of others,  always feeling compared to others, always attempting to conform to society, not once thinking of the affects of not embracing ourselves, completely. To be still, and touch