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Breaking Patterns

It has been my personal experience that most of our lives, are spend on things that impose discomfort on us, if we are not willing to confront the patterns, that cause Us pain. We have to display COURAGE, and face the difficult things that have created OUR suffering, and deal with the fact that we sat by while the garbage continued to pile up and stagnated OUR growth, and why We allowed these things to happen in the first place. Were we so willing to give up on ourselves, our dreams, and inspirations, and put them on hold so that others could continue to expand. Just think about and reflect on your life, where are you placing your FOCUS? Is it on people, places, and things, that do not bring you JOY? Are you living your BEST life? I decided that I was giving LOVE to those that did not make me a priority, and suffered while they continued to feed off my energy, with NO returns, of energy or acknowledgement that I existed at all. Why did I priorities them before MYSELF? It’s because at the time, I didn’t UNDERSTAND my VALUE, and truly didn’t LOVE myself! I struggled to gain my self -LOVE, and now understand that it’s always been up to ME, to GROW, and LOVE myself, all of my SELF, without judgement, FEAR or regrets! Unconditionally! And I’m stronger NOW, more grounded in the fact that finally, I AM ENOUGH!