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Betrayal in a relationship

Communication is the key in any relationship, be it friendship, or whatever you refer to as a connection with another being, it’s necessary to have some type of commonality, things to discuss, it helps to understand one another, gain TRUST and  respect, we didn’t have to agree with all view points, but we can agree to disagree and keep the shared views precious. It’s a beautiful thing when harmony and synchronicity meet, they allow us to merge with the Divine. It’s joyous, balance and harmony!  When we betray a person that we claim to LOVE,  it shuts out the light, and disconnects us from the Divine. We have to allow ourselves to stay in that pain and grieve the pain, accept that we don’t control other’s, and not take ANYTHING personally,we are just here to develop and evolve, and complete or break the curse. Then comes ACCEPTANCE, and we should be gentle with our selves, and allow, the grief, to pass, it’s very uncomfortable, and plenty of crying, mourning,  sleepless nights but in the end, it’s so liberating,  when acceptance comes.  It’s the season to let go and accept your new paridiam. And live the life that is calling, your Dreams into reality!  Celebrate your arrival !And continued success and blessings!  Namaste !