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Be Zealous in your commitment to YOUR PERSONAL TRUTH!

Sometime Life, in general can change our course, and directions, and we forget who and where we are and should be. But our truth, our personal TRUTH, NEVER changes, who we are inside, the true Self, and that will not be suppressed by any means, it has to be spoken, as it is the Divine in us, “and needs to sing” In my Suga Avery voice, from the color Purple, as that is my favorite color, Please forgive me, I got side tracked, smiling. But stop and really take stock of the blessing that come, becoming aware of SELF, creates PEACE, and that in it’s SELF, is LOVE from your Divine Source… Just notice it, and feel it’s FOREVER presence always! Breathe, and rediscover the SELF, and speak your truth, and Be you, the Divine reflection of YOUR CREATOR! with LOVE!