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Be Grateful for the LOVE in your WORLD, and say “THANK YOU”!

It has been my personal experience that people really don’t appreciate when you make time for them, especially if you are always available to them. When I make time for someone, I extend myself to them, not because I owe them anything but because I truly care for their well-being, and want to see them happy, and are concerned with them being successful in their journey. Most of the time that fact is lost or disregarded because they can ONLY see what they want, and not that we make time for what is important to us. I usually do not hear from these individuals until something isn’t going right in their world. It breaks my heart when this happens because I love all my client’s and love to see the changes in their life’s, but it shouldn’t be expected that I do not have anything going on in my world. I would love for someone to just reach out to check on me. We often take people for granted and NEVER think that they LOVE US so much that they rearrange, what they have going on to support US. Please be mindful of this fact, and think about the other person’s challenges and obstacles before you attempt to DUMP your issues on them. If you appreciate them celebrate them, by saying a simple Thank you, and keep them uplifted in Prayers! This is my Personal Truth!