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Ataraxy Not DISCORD!

In the world that we all share, you have individuals whom always, always, always, act from a space of DISCORD, attempting to DUMP their garbage on the rest of US, Thinking that they can possess someone, or something that doesn’t BELONG to them, Everything is about OWNERSHIP in their eyes, which is clearly the objective for them! I want to be really clear about this behavior, in my crows voices, from the WIZ,” YOU CAN”T WIN, CHILD” and you can’t get out of the GAME! Stop with the HOKUM, no one belongs to anyone, just to the CREATOR, and he doesn’t want to possess YOU, that’s exactly why you and I have FREE WILL, so that WE can make OUR OWN CHOICES, My word for today is ATARAXY, a geek word in origin, which means ” A state of calmness and tranquility, FREEDOM from mental disturbance or ANXIETY”, I seek that in my life, and ALL that I do! And I love individuals whom bring ATARAXY to my space, NO EGO, NO DRAMA, just pure PEACE, and TRANQUILITY! It’s like having a Divine Water fall over your head daily! It’s a choice, to have PEACE, Choose it! Never allow others to ROB you of that blessing. Were you aware that when others are attached to discord, it affects your relationship with them? They are most times unaware, but as a healer, I personally feel the discord, and need to detach from the DRAMA, it creates Klesha , or PRIDE, and we all should be seeking to create Dharma, meaning good KARMA! Step away from those that bring this to you, and as bad as it may hurt, DISCONNECT! Remember you TRUTH, and always SPEAK IT! And always from a space of INTEGRITY!