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” A woman is Truly Beautiful when she is Loved”

I love old movies, and I had the pleasure of viewing a classic MOVIE, about LOVE, as it’s ALL about LOVE, isn’t it, really? And the Queen of screen, Mrs. Betty Davis, was doing her thing, acting or was she really? And Claude Rain’s a GREAT actor, told her for many years, that she was “Beautiful” and married her, and she admitted that she didn’t LOVE him, and he still LOVED her, and anyway, she developed an illness that made her really, really discover that her husband of many years, after a LONG relationship, and many suitors, that she had, Really LOVED her. I thought about Love, in all of it’s forms, some love you for your appearance, and others for SEXUAL desires, but is that really Love? Is the appearance of a person MORE important than their personality, their WORTH? As you become an ADULT, you learn to value the company of another Adult, someone that really sees you, not the outer beauty, but whom you really are, looking a hot mess, maybe? But you want someone whom doesn’t really care, what you look like, I’m not saying that you do not wanting someone that’s attractive, but really looking beyond the physical. When I was a child, I wanted someone whom really SAW ME, and not what I looked like, but me the REAL, GODDESS YVETTE! I found them, and they LOVED Me, in all of my MESS, They didn’t care if my hair was MESSY, but saw me, The nerdy ME! The SILLY ME! The OUT of order ME! And still LOVED Me! But I wanted to travel, and see the world, and at the time I really enjoyed the company of other MEN, just saying, I can speak my personal TRUTH! But I always was honest in my TRUTH, But when this man loved Me, I felt so beautiful, so loved, safe. It was like being in the company of the DIVINE, it was so innocent, childlike, PURE, and this may sound silly but WHOLESOME, like a after school program, laughing! No, maybe like puppy LOVE! We use to sit and eat candy, play video games, laugh, and just be childlike with each other, it was so peaceful, that whole experience. I kind of wish that I was a VIRGIN, as I think that first sexual moment with him would have been sooo sweet! And the way this gentleman would look at me, with loving eyes, not pre-disposed to my appearance, but really wanted to LOVE me, as the Divine really LOVES Me! It was so Precious! And life affirming! Seek your love, and JOY! And open up to LOVE!