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We have become a society of SCHADENFREUDE, living for SCHADENFREUDE! this is the GERMAN word for ”PLEASURE taken from the MISFORTUNE of OTHERS! Society is DISINTEGRATING right before our eyes, and we act as if we are viewing a MOVIE! We No longer truly care about the HUMAN experiences, Life as a Whole, and it should upset any caring individual, Especially those that say that they LOVE the Creative SOURCE, CREATOR, GOD, etc. It makes the creator inside of ME, CRY! WE see people struggling, and do not blink an EYE at it! Why have we become so COLD, and UNCARING to each other? It’s because of the President! In my ” SOUTH PARK ” voice BLAME THE PRESIDENT, BLAME THE PRESIDENT! singing, Really? CHRUMP is SPECIAL, but you can’t totally blame him for OUR horrible behavior, or can you? NOT! It’s ALL our responsibility to support others that we clearly see in NEED! Please make a point to see these that are invisible, and welcome them! We create the WORLD that we want, through our words, ACTIONS, and DEEDS! Let’s create more LOVE, and STOP judging people by their circumstances and their UNIFORM! LOVE As the CREATOR, has created us to, an SAVE our WORLD, and it’s Beautiful beings visiting here and to show The Creator that we appreciate just being here! As the Creator is the SOURCE, the light, and the BLESSING, right?