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December 2019

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Greetings All: I will no longer respond to ANY messages about using my blog post content! If you DO NOT RECEIVE written notice from me, YOU DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION to use ANYTHING that I create, or content from my website, And I paid a professional web designer to create my website, and I created MY OWN CONTENT, so please STOP sending me messages about that, as I will not RESPOND, so please do not be offended. And those individuals that continue to send SPAM, you will be

I love words, and a couple of weeks ago, I discovered a new WORD HUGGER-MUGGER, Do you have any idea what is means? Well, well, just think? It's a 16TH century word, or phrase meaning CHAOTIC and disorganized, and conducted with a secret or clandestine nature. Interesting, right? I thought so, It relates to the current state in this WORLD, DRAMA, DRAMA,DRAMA! I often sit and reflect on my day, and the news is so disheartening, BOGUS, not sure what is TRUTH ! In some way or