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November 2019

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In the world that we all share, you have individuals whom always, always, always, act from a space of DISCORD, attempting to DUMP their garbage on the rest of US, Thinking that they can possess someone, or something that doesn't BELONG to them, Everything is about OWNERSHIP in their eyes, which is clearly the objective for them! I want to be really clear about this behavior, in my crows voices, from the WIZ," YOU CAN"T WIN, CHILD" and you can't get out of the GAME! Stop with

I love old movies, and I had the pleasure of viewing a classic MOVIE, about LOVE, as it's ALL about LOVE, isn't it, really? And the Queen of screen, Mrs. Betty Davis, was doing her thing, acting or was she really? And Claude Rain's a GREAT actor, told her for many years, that she was "Beautiful" and married her, and she admitted that she didn't LOVE him, and he still LOVED her, and anyway, she developed an illness that made her really, really discover that her

In Any relationship that you are involved in you really want, that person to see you, really see You, for whom you are, your TRUE Self, and love you right where you are , and pray that they are in their TRUTH! Some people are blessed early on with their beloved, and can SEE YOU, and love you in EVERYTHING that you do, and everything that you are, just LOVE YOU! But you have to notice the blessing, and show gratitude and extend the BLESSINGS forward, My

I was reflecting on a very dear relationship to me, from the past. I love my beloved and I lost them, because I had to grow, and perfected my divine gifts, so I decided that as much as I loved them, that the work, my divine work always came first. As I ponder this revelation, I wouldn't be who I AM, If I didn't take this ACTION, Who would I be? Well, Not the Divine Goddess That I AM today. People make choice each, and everyday,

Sometimes I sat and wander, why WE live in a PUERILE World, it is a Latin word for immaturity. The human race hasn't yet figured out that WE continue to make the infraction if we do not finally wake up, and smell the coffee, or shit as I would refer to it! The definition of insanity is doing the same thing, and expecting different results, is that not what we keep doing, destroying Nature, Mother God, and expecting her to provide, food,